Pre-Medical & General Science Studies Certificate

The Pre-Medical and General Science Studies Certificate provides a structured academic background in basic science preparation for students interested in medical studies or other health-related disciplines. The program is designed for individuals returning to school on a part-time or full-time basis.

This program is a way for students to take the classes they may have missed as undergraduates or to raise their GPAs to make them more attractive candidates to medical school admission boards. This program is well suited for both career changers (students with little to no background in sciences) and academic enhancers (students who have completed many or most of the science courses prior).

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The Pre-Medical and General Science Studies Certificate is approved for the Guaranteed Student Loan Program and will assist post-baccalaureate students who are completing medical or other health related studies, to become eligible for financial aid which is not usually available to students who have already completed undergraduate degrees. For further information on loans, please contact the Financial Aid Office at (310) 825-4246, or at
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