Post-Baccalaureate Science Courses

The following are science and health science programs and courses that may be of interest to pre-health students. Some of these courses may apply to certificate programs at UCLA Extension. For more information, please call (310) 825-7093.

Specialization in Pediatric Medicine

400 level
courses could be taken to earn credits which may be applied towards applications to graduate programs or health professional schools. For more information on the applicability of 400 level courses, please click here.

800 level courses do not bear credit, but can be taken for general interest or continuing education units (CEUs).

Biological Chemistry
BIOL CH X 401: Introduction to Protein Structure: From Disease to Therapy (classroom)

Community Health Sciences
COM HLT X 404.7: Exercise and Sports Nutrition
COM HLT X 401: Introduction to Food Science: From Farm to Fork (online)
COM HLT X 405: Impact of Exercise on the Brain (online)
COM HLT X 421.1: Biomechanics – Analysis of Human Movement (online) (offered in Summer)
COM HLT X 425: Biomechanics of Musculoskeletal Injury
COM HLT X 438: Food, Mood, and Eating Behaviors (online)
COM HLT X 439: Mindful Eating, Exercise, and Living – The Science and Practice (online)
COM HLT X 452: Resistance Training Fundamentals (offered in Fall)
COM HLT X 453: Fitness Testing and Health/Risk Appraisal  (offered in Winter)
COM HLT X 454: Exercise Prescription, Program Design, and Coaching Techniques (offered in Spring)
COM HLT X 480.1: Introduction to Health Coaching
COM HLT X 480.2: Integrative Health Coaching
COM HLT X 480.3: Motivational Interviewing – 12 Core Skills
COM HLT X 480.4: Legal, Ethical and Business Aspects of Coaching Health and Well-being
COM HLT X 480.5: Health Coaching Practicum

Health Policy and Management 
HLT POL X 450: Clinical Genetics: Medical and Public Health Perspectives (online) (offered in Fall)
HLT POL X 452.2: Introduction to Clinical Medicine: A Preview for Pre-Health Professionals (online) (offered in Winter)
HLT POL X 456: Introduction to Pediatrics and Child Health (online) (offered in Spring) – This course counts towards the Specialization in Pediatric Medicine
HLT POL 804: Becoming a Doctor: The Medical School Application Process – non-credit seminar – (offered in Winter) – This course counts towards the Specialization in Pediatric Medicine
HLT POL X 407.2: The Practice of Patient Advocacy
HLT POL X 407.3: Communication Strategies in the Health Care System
HLT POL X 407.6: Conflict and Crisis Management
HLT POL X 407.7: Introduction to Bioethics

Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics
MIMG X 401: Fundamentals of Immunology (classroom)
ORL BIO X 401: Osteoimmunology: Bone and Immune Interactions and Related Pathologies (online)

Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology
MCD BIO X 405: Cancer Biology (classroom)
PATH X 401: Introduction to Molecular Diagnostics, Pharmacogenetics, and Personalized Medicine (0nline)
PATH X 405: Histology for the Health Sciences: Basic Tissues of the Body (online)
PATH X 406: Histology for the Health Sciences: Organ Systems (online)

NURSING X 400: Medical Terminology (online) (offered in Winter and Summer)
NURSING X 456.1: Pediatric Genetics: Teratology, Dysmorphology, and Developmental Delay (online) (offered in Summer)

Physiological Science
M PHARM X 401: Introduction to Pharmacology (online)
PHYSCI X 400.6: Human Anatomy and Physiolgy (classroom)
PHYSCI X 401: Fundamentals of Human Physiology (classroom)
PHYSCI X 410: Pulmonary Physiology (online)
PHYSCI X 415: Endocrinology (online)
PHYSCI X 412: Functional Neuroanatomy (online)
PHYSCI X 425: Animal Physiology (online)
PHYSCI X 435: Neurophysiology: How the Brain Thinks
PHYSCI X 449: The Human Body: How It Functions (online)
PHYSCI X 450: Exercise Physiology (online)
PHYSCI X 451: Introduction to Human Nutrition (classroom)
PHYSCI X 452: Applied Anatomy and Biomechanics (classroom)
PHYSCI X 452.6: Foundations of Human Physiology (online)
PHYSCI X 459.10: Introduction to Pathophysiology: Disease States in the Human Body (classroom)