Humanities & Social Sciences Courses for Pre-Health Students

Many medical and health professional schools require (or strongly recommend) for admission, courses in Psychology, Sociology, and other humanities & social science disciplines.

The following is a list of XL-level courses offered at UCLA Extension in the humanities & social sciences that pre-health students may find beneficial. XL-level courses at UCLA Extension are degree-credit courses that can be transferred to all UCs and CSUs and most other universities. More information on XL-level course here.

Some of these courses may also help students prepare for various pre-health exams such as the MCAT.

Furthermore, the Pre-medical & General Science Studies Certificate allows up to three (maximum) courses in the humanities & social sciences disciplines to be taken for certificate credit. This list may be helpful to students in the certificate program looking to browse and enroll into XL-level elective courses.

ANTHRO XL 4 Culture and Communication (online); offered Spring

ANTHRO XL 139MSelected Topics in Cultural Anthropology: Medical Anthropology (online); offered Fall

ANTHRO XL 133FAnthropology of Food (online); offered Spring

COMM ST XL M147Sociology of Mass Communication; varied offerings

PSYCH XL 10Introductory Psychology; offered Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer

PSYCH XL 100APsychological Statistics; offered Fall and Spring

PSYCH XL 115Principles of Behavioral Neuroscience; offered Fall and Spring

PSYCH XL 120ACognitive Psychology; offered Fall and Spring

PSYCH XL 127A – Abnormal Psychology; offered Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer

PSYCH XL 130 – Developmental Psychology; offered Fall and Winter

PSYCH XL 135 – Social Psychology; offered Winter

PSYCH XL 178 – Human Motivation; offered Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer

PSYCH XL 187A – Psychology and Law; offered Spring

SOCIOL XL 1Introductory Sociology (online); offered Fall, Winter, and Spring

SOCIOL XL 128 Sociology of Emotions; offered Spring

SOCIOL XL 158 Urban Sociology; offered Spring

SOCIOL XL M162 Sociology of Gender (online); offered Fall

SOCIOL XL 180D Special Topics in Sociology: Sociology of Food (online); offered Fall

FRNCH XL 1 Elementary French (online); offered Fall and Winter

FRNCH XL 2 Elementary French (online); offered Winter and Spring

ITALIAN XL 1 Elementary Italian (online); offered Fall

ITALIAN XL 3 Elementary Italian (online); offered Spring

SPAN XL 1Elementary Spanish (online and on-ground); offered Fall, Winter, and Spring

SPAN XL 2Elementary Spanish (online); offered Fall, Winter, and Spring

SPAN XL 3Elementary Spanish (online); offered Spring

LING XL 1 Introduction to Study of Language (online); offered Spring

PHILOS XL 9Principles of Critical Reasoning (online); offered Spring

*Please note, the Pre-medical & General Science Studies certificate program only allows a maximum of three XL courses in the Humanities & Social Sciences disciplines to count towards certificate credit. Courses taken beyond the three permitted will not count towards certificate credit. If you have questions about which courses count towards certificate credit, please reach out to your certificate advisor.