Specialization in Pediatric Medicine

This specialization is designed for students interested in exploring the specialty of pediatric medicine. This program is perfect for pre-medical and pre-health students, as well as professionals already working in health care who are seeking more knowledge in the field of pediatrics.

This fully online specialization consists of only 2 courses and is open to all students.

Students can complete both courses back-to-back in Spring and Summer quarter and complete the specialization within 6 months (2 quarters).

Students are given 3 years to complete both courses. Both courses must be completed with a grade or higher (letter grade only) for credit.

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Required courses:

HLT POL X 456 Introduction to Pediatrics and Child Health (offered Spring quarter)

NURSING X 456.1 Pediatric Genetics: Teratology, Dysmorphology, and Developmental Delay (offered Summer quarter)

*Please note, both of these courses do not count towards the Pre-medical & General Science Studies certificate program requirements. If you have questions about what courses count towards each certificate program, please reach out to your certificate advisor.



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