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PSYCH 808.7 – When the Sociopolitical Becomes Personal: Therapeutic Strategies for Clients and Clinicians

Mental health professionals have been inundated with cries for help from clients and vulnerable populations as new policies and programs are being discussed and implemented at the government level. From immigrants to victims of trauma to those who serve them, the current socio-political atmosphere has triggered distress, anxiety, and fear about what the future holds for individuals and families. This evidence-based workshop will provide clinicians with tools and strategies to address the individual needs of clients and their families affected by the current sociopolitical climate. Participants take away strategies that help clinicians analyze the multiple levels of distress experienced by their clients and address their anxiety and fears effectively. Topics include issues related to immigration, trauma, potential loss of health care, and incidents of racism and prejudice. Attention will be given to managing deeply divided perspectives and daily triggers in news and social media as they emerge in workplace and clinical encounters. Through case examples, videos and role play, participants will learn to create a safe and inclusive space for affected clients and enhance specific language, reflective listening skills, and dialogue across differences that support cultural sensitivities and individual needs. Therapists will also get an opportunity to address their own concerns about the current socio-political climate and how this may affect transference and countertransference in the therapeutic relationship. Social justice advocacy and the ethical obligations of therapists to foster well-being in society at large will also be discussed.

Instructors: Shelly Harrell, PhD; Miguel Gallardo, PsyD; Edward Shafranske, PhD

Workshop date: February 10, 2018



PSYCH 808.10 – Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment of Hypersexual Behavior in the Digital Age

Hypersexual behavior (also referred to as sex addiction or sexual compulsivity) is characterized by a pattern of repetitive and intense preoccupations with sexual fantasies, urges, and behaviors, leading to undesirable consequences and significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning. The past decade has seen an increase in patients seeking help for hypersexual behaviors heightening the need for mental health professionals to become trained in assessing and treating this emerging problem. In this workshop, Dr. Rory Reid provides current research and empirically-supported clinical approaches to working with hypersexual patients. Topics include common presentations and problems reported by patients; developmental attachment and hypersexual behavior; intimacy problems among patients; frequent co-morbid conditions including adult ADHD; controversies in the field; and applying the diagnostic assessment protocol employed by Dr. Reid’s research team during the DSM-5 Field Trial for Hypersexual Disorder. The workshop includes content appropriate for practitioners at the intermediate or advanced level with experience delivering clinical services and/or supervising others.

Instructors: Rory Reid, PhD

Workshop date: January 19, 2018







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